Paleo Primal Gluten-Free Nut Free Moroccan Brownies

Morocco Brownies (Gluten free and nut free)


Paleo Morocco Brownies

I was visiting a dear friend in a small remote village in Morocco this past spring. During my visit I had a craving for something chocolate, and hence using the ingredients we had on hand, Morocco brownies were born.

You know what they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, and yes chocolate is a necessity for this girl!!!

These babies are super easy to make, very fudgy, rich, AND taste even better the next day!  If there is a next day (hard to stop eating them once you start).

On a side note check out my friend’s project in Morocco HERE super cool!

Morocco Brownies

8 Medjool Dates ( pitted and pureed with a bit of water until smooth)

3 Eggs

1/3 cup Butter or coconut oil or a combo

1/2 cup High quality Cocao powder

1 Tbl. Vanilla

¼ tsp Salt

¼ tsp Baking Soda

½ cup Dark Chocolate chips or Chopped chocolate

Mix all the ingredients together until the batter is uniform. Pour batter into a greased 8×8 inch pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for around 8 minutes until the top springs back!  Do not over cook these.  Let cool completely before cutting and eating.  Feel free to add nuts, coconut, dried fruit or coconut.


3 thoughts on “Paleo Primal Gluten-Free Nut Free Moroccan Brownies

  1. Klee, I am so excited your blog is up and running and you are officially going to be posting weekly. Now I won’t have to email you for recipes! I can’t wait to try your Moroccan Brownies.

    A couple things re. photography (Jen was over and mentioned that you said you would like a quick tutorial). Right off, I can recommend these things:

    1. Check out the blog Tartlette and buy her book PLATE TO PIXEL immediately. She is a food stylist-turned-photographer, and her images are gorgeous. In her book, she walks newbies through EVERY step of photography, composition, lighting, backgrounds, where to buy stuff, etc.

    2. When you can, get a digital SLR camera with interchangable lenses and get a fixed 50mm with an aperature that goes to 1.2….and also one in the range of 75-120mm that opens up to F 1.2. In food photography, you want the flexility of being able to open up to F-2 or wider…that’s what gives food the dreamy/soft/beautiful quality (“soft edges” I call it) you see in most professional food photography.

    Read Plate to Pixel; she goes into great detail on which lenses to buy. And when you buy, do not order from B&H…spend the extra money and get it at Bozeman Camera. You have to have a killer camera shop that stands behind you and answers your questions and provides gold star customer service. You gotta be able to go in and ask questions after you get the gear (or call), because you WILL have questions and problems and Bozeman Camera takes the time to hold your hand and walk you through everything that comes up.

    Happy Shooting!! Oh, and also check out this blog for sumptuous, gorgeous food photo inspiration: What Katie Ate She’s another food stylist-turned-photographer.


  2. …and PS…I’m a big believer in “shooting vertically” when it comes to food. Start paying attention to your favorite food photos. Are the horizontal or vertical? Horizontal/landscape framing seems to fit a computer screen better, but I swear…shooting food horizontally just doesn’t feel right to me because whenever you look at a plate…cook…shop…you’re looking down at your hands & your natural field of vision is vertical. I suspect that is why vertical shots feel better to me when it comes to good. Experiment on vertical framing for fun.


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