Good For You Gelatin Gummies


Gelatin Gummies
Gelatin Gummies

Today I am posting a recipe for gelatin gummies.  I don’t know about you, but real gummies I find to be very frustrating to chew.  They are so bouncy and resistant that I lose interest in chewing them after a while.  Like a piece of tough steak, I just want to move on already and digest the thing!  Not to mention they are not very good for the teeth or body.

These gummies are more like thick jello with really good flavor, health benefits, and just the right amount of bounce.

A good source of gelatin from grass fed pastured animals yields many health benefits for you.  I use this BRAND,  the red can is the kind that sets up and gels, the green can does not gel and is good to add to drinks or soups.

Grass Fed Gelatin
Grass Fed Gelatin

Read HERE and HERE about the benefits and uses of gelatin.  Good for skin (think collagen), joints, gut, weight loss, cellulite, hormones to name a few.  And it’s just plain fun.  Be sure to use a good brand of gelatin for maximum health benefits!


This recipe is a template that you can add different flavors to.  It is an adaptation from several recipes I found on the internet, it is by no means a KLee original.

Gelatin Gummies

1 1/2 cups of pure Fruit Juice (tart cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, whatever your fancy, just not pineapple it prevents the gelatin from setting up)


3/4 cup citrus juice and 3/4 cup fruit juice

4 TBL of Gelatin

1-3 TBL Raw Honey or Maple Syrup

  1. Sprinkle the gelatin on 3/4 cup of the cold juice.
  2. Heat 3/4 cup of the juice to boiling.
  3. Add the boiling hot juice to the gelatin and stir in the sweetener of your choice.  This is purely your preference.  Don’t go crazy on the sweet stuff!!
  4. The fun part is you can add all sorts of additional things.  One recipe I found HERE used elderberry syrup and raw honey for cold flu season.   Another HERE used turmeric and fresh grated ginger for additional health benefits.  Add fruit, spices or Herbs, get creative you can’t mess up !!!!
  5. Once it is well mixed pour into a baking dish or loaf pan or into molds.
  6. Let set up in the Refrigerator for 30 minutes or so. I poured some into a loaf pan and made blocks. I also poured some into a glass baking dish and cut them out with a small cookie cutter for the kiddies.
  7. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Good For You Gelatin Gummies

  1. yumm! I woke up thinking about the possiblity of making some super sour gummies since I was craving them but didn’t want pure sugar. Do you refrigerate them or they ok at room temp like candies? Great blog lady!


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