Uncle Ted’s Soft Scrambled Eggs

Uncle Ted's Soft Scrambled Eggs
Uncle Ted’s Soft Scrambled Eggs

Happy Holidays!  I hope your holiday season is joyful and peaceful.

I grew up in upstate New York and until I was in high school, we would get real winter with lots of snow.  It seems every Christmas of my youth, we would get a new red plastic sled.  This was because either we had broken the previous year’s sled, or the kid down the street ,Ray Ray, had stolen our sleds.

You know someone is badass when they are called by their first name twice, and let me tell you Ray Ray was.  That kid was tougher than nails and crazy wild.  I once saw him fall out of a 20 foot tree fort and land like a ton of bricks onto his back.  We all thought he was dead, only to be amazed when he got up, swore a mouthful of expletives and proceed to climb back up the tree to the fort (which he lived in for a while).

Ours was a rough and tumble childhood (not as rough as Ray Ray’s), but all the same we played hard and were always outside.  The hills we sledded on typically had barbed wire fences at the bottom, so you had to bail off your sled or be sliced to smithereens.

Depending on the snow conditions, we would either use our red plastic sleds or if it was packed and icy we used the red flexible flyer runner sleds.  We’d pile 4 kids deep on top of Michael D. and fly down an old unused road, each bump and turn tossing off the top kid.  Someone usually ended up with at least a bloody nose or a head full of burdocks.  Ahh such fond memories of my wild free range childhood, no cell phones or computers or ipads or over protective parents, just simple fun and good times.

These eggs are a far cry from rough and tumble. They are velvety and creamy goodness.  You have to dedicate a little more time and focus to them, but you will be rewarded greatly in the end.  Follow Uncle Ted’s directions to the tee (he is a foodie through and through and knows his stuff), and enjoy the best scrambled eggs you have ever tasted….guaranteed!!

Uncle Ted’s Soft Scrambled Eggs

4 Large High Quality Eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Butter for the Pan

  1. Heat a small fry pan on medium heat, use a pan that matches the amount of egg meaning not too big or not too small.
  2. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl.  Uncle Ted recommends removing the bit of white that connects the whites to the yolk.
  3. With a whisk vigorously whisk the eggs until a foam forms on top. (approximately 80 whisks).  Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. When the eggs are foamy, add the butter to the pan and pour the eggs in.
  5. Now here is where the focus comes in…continuously stir the eggs with a spatula DO NOT lose focus.  When the eggs are still a bit wet pull them from the heat stir one more time and serve immediately.
  6. Enjoy the creamiest eggs you’ve ever had!!!     Serves 2

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