Breakfast Sausage Spice Blend

Breakfast Sausage Spice Blend
Breakfast Sausage Spice Blend

Happy March!

I wanted to share with you my simple spice recipe for breakfast sausage.  I like to get plain sausage when I have my animals processed, that way I can season the sausage according to what my recipe calls for.  Also I then get to know exactly what is used to season my meat.  I am not a big fan of MSG or other undesirable compounds sneaking into my food.

Back in college I went on a dinner date to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet, yes I know cheap date.  I was not as much of a foodie back then and saw no problem with my date’s choice of eating venue.  As I was consuming my plate of varied Chinese buffet delicacies,  I felt a tightening in my chest and my heart rate sped up to an alarming speed. My tongue also swelled up and I was extremely thirsty alas, I kept eating, until at some point, I really thought I was having a heart attack. I was too dumb and embarrassed to say anything, so  I put my fork down and drank water hoping the symptoms would pass.  It wasn’t until later in the evening that they started to dissipate. I realized later that all the MSG in that Chinese buffet food was the culprit to my scary and bizarre symptoms.  Needless to say I learned my lesson and have become much more aware of my food and of speaking up when I feel uncomfortable in all situations, regardless of the company.

I use this spice blend in pork, elk, and antelope ground sausage.

Breakfast Sausage Spice Blend

1 pound  Ground Sausage, pork or game

1 teaspoon Ground Fennel

1 teaspoon Ground or Rubbed Sage

1 teaspoon  Thyme

1 teaspoon Sea Salt

Ground fresh Black Pepper to taste

1 teaspoon Maple Syrup (optional)

  1. In a medium-sized bowl add the ground sausage and all the above ingredients.  Mix well with your hands.
  2. Use as you like for breakfast….make patties and fry in a skillet or fry loosely and add eggs for a breakfast scramble.
  3. Enjoy!   Makes approximately 8 breakfast sausage patties.

1 thought on “Breakfast Sausage Spice Blend

  1. Yum! Such a great, simple recipe. We love breakfast sausage and do remember the Jimmy Dean days off in the far distant past. Finding good clean pork is difficult, though! Unless you raise your own, like you do, which we are not set up to do any more.


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